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Since language and word ultimately fail to capture the essence of art (of any kind), we’ll forego a long-winded, pretentious biography that tries to convince you that ORGAN is inarguably the heaviest band--but not just a band…a movement…an entity!--on the planet or that its members are undoubtedly the most brilliant musicians ever to inhale oxygen much less pick up an instrument. Fuck that! Listen to the music, go to our shows and decide for yourselves. If you enjoy slight paradox or absolutely need to know something about ORGAN, we’re loosely based in Atlanta, Ga.
After playing for several years without much intentional exposure or formality, guitarist/vocalist Gary Crider and drummer Glenn Crider decided to form a band that would combine both their influences and individual tastes in order to create something they believed in first and foremost. They subsequently met bassist James Jackson who joined forces with ORGAN several months prior to their first demo-release in September 2002. James’ joining the band completed the ORGAN line-up and its purpose. Fans agree that ORGAN delivers, through its music primarily, a raw and violent, bone-crushing energy that the heavy metal world has been lacking for quite some time. The music speaks for itself as it were.

The 2002 demo features “church” “opening” and “the match”--three songs which found their way to ORGAN’s full-length debut, INSTALL THE UNDERGROUND, in November 2003. INSTALL THE UNDERGROUND was recorded and mixed by Kristopher Sampson at Nickel and Dime Studios, Atlanta, Ga. Prior to completing their debut, ORGAN spent much of their time touring the southeast and supporting/opening for bands such as SUPERJOINT RITUAL. The next chapter begins: With a full-length debut in hand, ORGAN plans to continue creating its own path, delivering the heaviest of music to those who enjoy it most--you know who you are. We’ll see you soon!