4Q Radio.... Basically we were sick of the same old s**t on every radio station you tune into. The same songs, the same adverts and not enough good music. We are here to try and relieve you from that. Here you can check out new bands, get what you want played, be part of a music community that knows what the f**k is goin' on and cares for the music!
All we have to say is......enjoy....


Andy - Head Bloke

Email: Andy@4qradio.com
Position: 4Q Head Guy
Phone: +44 7793868611
AIM: Bazzio667
Myspace: 4QRadio

Andy runs the Metal Show site....he is the vocalist of Sludge band Out For Blood. When hes not spending all his time trying to run the 4QRadio website, Andy likes to go to gigs, play at gigs, drink at gigs, and sometimes promote gigs.
Andy does a lot of web design, and video editing/producing....


Kris - DJ Bloke
Email: Kris@4qradio.com
Position: 4Q DJ
Phone: *
AIM: *
Myspace: krisgodsize
Kris is the latest DJ to join 4QRadio.com. He sits in on the shows...speaks his mind on bands, tell his jokes and has a right good laugh!!
Kris is also vocalist for Doom Rock band Godsize

Adam - Photography Bloke
Email: Adam@4qradio.com
Position: 4Q Photographer
Phone: *
AIM: *
Myspace: Adders

Adam joined the 4QRadio.com team as our Photographer. Although not the only photographer that does work for 4QRadio, Adam is our main guy!!
Adam goes to uni at UCE Birmingham, where he is getting a Degree in Photography.


James - Street Team Bloke
Email: James@4qradio.com
Position: Head Of Street Team
Phone: *
AIM: *
Myspace: Kaoscontrol

James runs the 4QRadio.com street team. After being a member of many street teams himself, James applied for the post at 4QRadio. He now looks after our street teamers, helping to promote the online radio juganaut that is 4QRadio.com.


Jack - New Band Bloke
Email: Jack@4qradio.com
Position: Head Of Talent Research
Phone: *
AIM: *
Myspace: Jackath

There are hundreds of new unsigned bands that apply to 4QRadio.com. Jack takes care of all these applications and listens to all the bands to distinguish the good from the bad. He goes out to gigs to find new bands to play on 4QRadio, as well as scouring the globe for great new talent (both bands and ladies).


Arnie - News Bloke
Email: I have no god damn email you son of a bitch!
Position: 4Q News Presenter
Phone: *
AIM: *
Myspace: *
Arnie is a big Austrian fella. He presents the metal news every week, and has done an interview with the band ARNOCORPS!

Randy - American Bloke

Email: ....
Position: 4Q Interviewer
Phone: Not for you!
AIM: ....
Myspace: ....
You may well recognise Randy from the mighty LAMB OF GOD. Randy is our American correspondent, and will be sending us video interviews with some of the best bands touring the states.